Our know-how and our values

Our long experience with the aeronautics industry since 1990, and over 28 years of service to the protection of men and women in high performance sport, civil security, and the world of work, have allowed us to acquire many specific skills, and have made us recognized specialists with our customers throughout Europe and the World.


Our last fabric for the protection against perforation asked for 6 years of work before being put on the market.

Our seriousness and creativity are at the service of our customers and our markets. We bring the same care to all the products we manufacture.

Every detail counts.

High Quality

After homologation of our fabrics with a specialized and independent laboratory, we ensure constant monitoring of our production with complete tests regularly renewed.

All our fabrications are the subject of a complete and personalized follow-up.

We make available products made on a powerful and maintained equipment.


Our production capacity is perfectly adjusted to our markets and we keep a permanent stock to ensure deliveries as soon as possible while taking into account the specificities of each customer and each market. We deliver any quantity, there is no small customer. It is not necessary to order a container to work with us.